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Contract with the Noocratic Government

The Noocratic Government initiative to contract with it’s own communities through our open market exchange system and currency, and or credit unit, also money of account; ∞ Nomni (Nmni). Our own coinage is called SovereignCoin, and Moorcoin. Our coinage is a cryptocurrency backed by legitimate statutory financial assets. We all will be using our exchange, our currencies and retail markets in our own communities called Nu Cities, Towns, and Villages of Peace and more! The ability to create new smart economies that are transparent for everyone! In the form of a Noocracy! ; Our Noocratic World Government was formed to protect civilians world wide. Governments worldwide are encourage to join this global body politic and it’s mission to establish true world peace.

The Noocratic Party is not a “terrorist” organization or hate group, but rather a socio-political movement & party for world peace by sharing the right knowledge, right wisdom, and right understanding and establishing sound right reasoning. Which is correct information. The Noocratic Party is not trying to forcefully change America as we know it, but rather we are trying to reform for the approaching dangers in the most reasonable and practical ways possible and implement them. There is no changing the course of this country & nation’s government for it is bound for reform, so we provide the solution for it’s reformation. Americans who will now be call Atlanians who accept this positive reform will have more than enough to survive for those that are of peace shall inherit this new kingdom & country called “Atlan”.
More info on the Noocratic Party can be found below.

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The Holy See Global District for the people of “Noone Society” and all Noocratic societies, empires, kingdoms, nations, and communities.

The Revolution begins!

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